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Having a hard time managing your business, building an online presence, or maintaining customer relations? Spelled with U offers expert solutions for all your business needs.

We are a digital marketing agency and consulting firm that helps businesses develop online faster and effectively. From social media marketing and professional web development to full-fledged digital consulting, we possess all the high-tech tools and advanced techniques needed for your business to succeed online.

With our services, you can expect:

Meet The Founder

Duane Gibson

When it comes to finding a top-tier digital agency that can help your business grow, Duane is the one you need to meet.

Known for his vision and creativity, Duane Gibson excels in many fields. Having worked in sales and marketing, Duane founded Spelled With U LLC to increase social media and digital brand awareness for small businesses, associations, and small market destinations. Dedicated to their work, his team is always looking for ways to help their clients succeed online.

To grow my business, I was seeking new and innovative ways to pivot from a 9 to 5 job to becoming an entrepreneur. So when I discovered the world of social media and digital marketing, I knew I had found my calling.

I started out by offering social media services and quickly gained a reputation for creating high-quality engagement that delivered results. My clients loved that they could rely on me with their social media and marketing strategies to increase their brand awareness. Word spread quickly, and soon I was getting requests from all over the country for my services.

To keep up with demand, I expanded my business to include social media management and digital consulting. I helped businesses big and small create successful social media campaigns that drove traffic to their websites and generated leads. And the rest, as they say - is history. We have helped numerous businesses achieve success online. My company is changing the game when it comes to social media management, digital consulting and web development.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the most commonly asked questions we get for our digital marketing and consultancy services.

The cost of digital marketing services varies across businesses. This is because every business is different and has different requirements. To get an estimation of the services you require – Contact Us today.

Many people avoid poorly designed websites. They are slow, unprofessional, and unattractive, negatively impacting the user experience and putting off visitors. In this way, an improperly developed website tarnishes your online reputation. A responsive, prompt, and fully functional website leads to a positive user experience and a smooth transaction to increase the chances of conversion.

Our Digital Consultants are experts in a wide range of IT services that manage a company’s public relations, digital strategy, and online presence. A digital consultant is essential for knowing whether your business is on the right track and what to do if it isn’t.

When you start promoting your business on a social media platform, you need a website so viewers can click through to it – as the actual sales happen on the website, not the social media app itself. Having a user-friendly web design is vital to convert a potential prospect into a customer.